Truth or Dare,
the Jimmie Angel Story
(Spaanse versie)
Create Space, 2012
56 pages
Translated by:
Jorge M. Gonzalez
Uitgeverij Sherpa, 2006
320 pages
Contributions: Blues, 14:00, 
Kap'tein Ken and Medigein
Truth or Dare,
the Jimmie Angel Story
Create Space, 2011
56 pages
Written and illustrated by:
Jan-Willem de Vries
Comix 2000
L'Association, 1999
2046 pages
Contribution: Dominique
'Sad to arrive at the last page: magnificent!'
'The accessible drawing style with sepia palette steers you easily through the choices that Westervoorde and De Vries have made. And you know that they are the right choices. This isn't just a comic strip, Westervoorde and De Vries and their publisher Silvester can be damned proud.'
David Steenhuyse I
'What strikes the reader is the great care that authors and publisher have taken to create this book, that reads like a formal biography.'
Wout Jut I Stripverslag
'It doesn't matter whether you are a fan of André Hazes or not. Everyone should read this book!'
Marcel Haster I De stripvlogger
'De Vries and Westervoorde have found a great ballance between text and image.'
Jesse Prevoo I
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'A thorough biography. Jan-Willem de Vries knows
what he's talking aboout.'
Michael Minneboo I Journalist
'The concise, but powerful dialogues by Jan-Willem de Vries provide clarification and are more than just a fine addition to the significant illustrations.'
Sandra Hutchison I
'Fascinating comic biography!'
Jos van Waterschoot I Eppo
'Even if you can't appreciate the music by Hazes,
the book is amazingly good.'
Holly Moors I Moors Magazine
'Again, a fantastic book!'
Marcel Haster I De stripvlogger 
'The atomic style inspired drawings by Ben Westervoorde and the vivid scenario's by
Jan-Willem de Vries making this a delightful read!'
Koos Schulte I Jouster Courant
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